Our mission is to keep you informed throughout Autumn and Winter-typically into Spring too with reliable, non-sensationalist updates.

Our social media feeds get busy with lots of information, pictures and more so we provide all the essential updates on our status page including the very latest advisories.

Our Process

  • Snow Risk Identified

    We monitor weather models and when a snow risk is identified we’ll talk about it as a team and established if it’s feasible.

  • Preliminary Action

    Should we reach a feasible snow risk, a preliminary advisory is drafted and depending on the circumstances, a graphic maybe created at this point however commentary will be posted regularly via our social media channels and our status page/ This can be withdrawn should said risk dematerialise.

  • Take Action

    Should the situation move beyond this point an advisory will be published and further commentary made on our social media channels and status page.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Beyond this point we’ll monitor developments via weather models and live radar imagery and take action as required, posting updates to our status page and social media.

As an avid outdoors enthusiast I need to rely on real time accurate weather information. Snow Watch provides just that. No hype, just good quality information when it matters the most.

@IanBarrett911 on Twitter 5 / 5
I have have been following Snow Watch on twitter since 2013 and have recommended it to friends and family. They give an up to date, accurate picture of the snowfall in the UK, without the need for scaremongering as other sites do. I'm not a lover of snow, so I like to be prepared as much as possible. Carry on the good work!
@SusanWr38555367 on Twitter 5 / 5