Winter Ready

Even with Climate Change, regular variations in weather patterns will continue to produce some unusually colder winters, even cold spells in an otherwise mild winter. We remain committed to providing updates when winter bites.

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Active between October and April every year with...

Forecasts / Nowcasts

Accessible analysis on weather models along with advisories to demonstrate snow risks.

Regional Hubs (coming soon)

Help your local community and get involved when it snows. Local information via a live feed, provided by you. Hyper local weather forecasts by our team.


Bypass all the hype and know exactly whats expected. Updated at least once daily, more during wintry weather. Cold Weather Index launching soon.

Travel Disruption Aggregation

During adverse winter weather we'll share key travel information. More news on this coming soon.

Join our Discord community

A place to share images, chat and discuss weather models.