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Call for entries: Photos and video

16 March 2022
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Ok, this winter hasn’t exactly been memorable for snow but we’re confident that there’s people out there that have documented evidence of snow, frost etc. For the passed two years now we’ve created a video summary of the previous winter and released it at the beginning of our operations the following year.

We’re casting our net wider this year and asking everyone to submit whatever they have. Any media should be from Winter 2021/22 ideally but if you’re submitting media from a different winter please submit it via email to editorial@snowwatch.org


  • You must include your name, date and location for crediting purposes


  • Measurement of snow if captured (use note field)
  • Landscape is best but portrait also accepted
  • Higher the quality the better

Please name your files before uploading as follows: Your name + location of media + date it was taken

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If you have any problems with our form or if you want to upload more than the 516mb limit use: https://www.dropbox.com/request/WuX7w6lVxnjuDEtQTyET