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Christmas 2021

24 December 2021

The last week has been quite a ride for those watching models runs, volatility has been through the roof. Until,  a spectacular turn of events on Wednesday evenings runs. Yes mild for much of England and Wales and any snow risk confined to Wales, Northern England and Scotland with the minus 5°C isotherm just making it into the north east.

The rest of Christmas Eve

Rain, some heavy, edging across southern areas, gap behind filling with low cloud and fog. Further rain into southwest later. Patchy rain sinking south across central areas, odd snowflake on hills. Frosty and clearer further north, snow showers for Shetland. Max in South 12°C / Max in North 7°C

Christmas Day 

Showers in the South West. Mild, dull and damp. Rain moving North East late Christmas night into Boxing Day. Falling as snow on higher routes (above 300-400 meters) although some wintriness could occur to lower levels for a time. Max 5°C 

Fun fact: According to the Met Office the Christmas with the most widespread snow falling across the UK was 2004 as 61% of the observing network reported. The Christmas with the most widespread snow lying was 2010 as 83% of the network reported. The last technical ‘white’ Christmas was 2020. You can read more about their definition here

Boxing Day

Showers continue for Northern Ireland, Wales and the South East. Only real chance of seeing a few flakes for the foreseeable is as the main band moves North East, falling as snow over high ground but temporarily to lower levels perhaps, sleet most likely. Max 10°C in the south / 6°C in the North 

The Outlook: Mild and unsettled with temperatures into double figures.

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas.