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Christmas 2020: Could this be the year?

23 December 2020
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Decorations up, shopping done, wrapping accomplished (Maybe!). Now time to reflect on the year? Well, perhaps it’s best not to do that so much this year… it seems tough news just keeps coming. Our Government telling us we can’t see friends or family like we normally would, a week before Christmas? My thoughts go out to everyone who has had their Christmas plans ruined at the last minute, and especially those who may now be on their own. Please do reach out if you’re lonely! Twitter DMs, Facebook Messenger remain open.

Christmas in a nutshell

Model agreement has been pretty solid for the Christmas period. It looked a lot more interesting 10 days ago but as many people are aware it always does 10 days out. So, what can we expect?

Overall, below average temperatures, essentially for the rest of 2020 despite the brief milder intrusions. Unsettled at times with risk of wintriness. Infact, Wednesday (today) is looking very unsettled. Christmas Eve looks to see the best of the seasonal feel. Windchill will make it feel a lot colder than it is before a return to unsettled conditions on Boxing Day. Snow risk continuing into the New Year.

Christmas Eve – Advisory issued

 Graphic by Scott Duncan

After the heavy rain of Wednesday night a cold northerly wind takes hold across the UK as snow showers arrive over northern Scotland and North Sea coasts, perhaps as far down as northern coasts of East Anglia later into Christmas Eve night. Frosty with ice risk particularly in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England with rural areas feeling particularly bitter. Gritters will be out in force! Brighter. Wintry showers dwindle as high pressure builds in from the west.

Temperatures will feel up to 10°C colder in some places with many around freezing on Christmas Eve night. However, daytime while still feeling cold with that windchill will be around 3-5°C.

Overall; a good day for getting out for a walk or finishing any last minute shopping–petrol stations open late FYI. You’ll need to wrap up warm as it could be quite a shock to the system given recent mild weather.

Christmas Day

The big day will start cold, with a widespread frost. Eastern coastal areas of England still holding on to the northerly wind blowing some showers in off of the North Sea into the early hours and maybe just a touch before dawn before they begin to fade, perhaps a wintry flavour to them. A mainly dry day with sunny periods.

As the day moves on cloud will increase from the northwest which could be thick enough for a few spots of light rain, perhaps a snow flurry in the north. Milder and unsettled conditions will move into north western parts of the country before the end of the day.

Temperatures hovering around -1 to 5°C at 9am for those waking up early to open presents. Max temperatures 7°C

Boxing Day

A somewhat less exciting outlook but still below average. Outbreaks of rain and strong winds in the northwest slowly moving southwards. Snow likely in higher parts of Scotland.

Max temperature 9°C in the South and 7°C in the North.

Towards New Years

It is expected to stay unsettled for the rest of the weekend and in the run up to New Year. There is an increased chance of snow down to lower levels in places so we’ll be keeping an eye on that. 26th to 29th being the period we’re watching for now. Plenty of wintry potential. The GIF below is purely to show you there’s a risk and not exact placement or snow amounts. ECMWF tends to overdo that by quite a lot.

Competition TIme

We have already done a competition this year, and normally we’d only do one but we didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to work with RainViewer to give you 12 months free premium access to the radar-great for tracking snow! To be in with a chance to win just answer this question and we’ll pick 6 winners, 3 iOS and 3 Android at 5pm on Christmas Night (25th December).

Merry Christmas!