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Statement on Climate Change

18 November 2020
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For the last few years we have been ignoring the elephant in the room, simply because we weren't sure how to approach it. We've read a tone of reports from experts but have already come back to one question...

Is there a need for Snow Watch now that the climate is warming and snow events are few and far between?

Recent UK winter temperatures soared past 20°C for the first time ever. Britain is not particularly known for intense heatwaves, vicious hurricanes or snowstorms. But, in a world that is getting warmer, climate change will mean the country experiences more and more extreme weather.

The Met Office has examined historical trends in extreme weather events and has projected how the climate may change over the 21st century. If emissions continue to increase, there is an increased chance of milder, wetter winters and hotter, drier summers. The country may also see an increase in the frequency and intensity of hot days and heavy rainfall events regardless of seasons.

This does not mean that every season will be warmer than the previous one. Daily and annual changes in weather patterns will continue to produce some unusually cooler summers and colder winters, even as the climate warms. A quick look at any climate graph such as the one below will show you that.


Without a doubt. Just because the climate is warming doesn't mean we'll never get any favourable weather patterns for snow, just that it maybe harder and less frequent than it has been. And, it's not been particularly easy to get a good snow event in the last 30 years.

So, we're not going anywhere but we will adapt to the situation.

If you want to find out more about climate change we've linked to a few reliable resources below: