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Pre 2023/24 Season Update

9 October 2023

Apart from June, Summer really didn’t get going did it? And now we find ourselves starring down the barrel of Autumn and Winter 2023. Although rather oddly we’re just coming out of a rather record breaking warm spell for October… right now it’s anyone’s guess what Winter will be like and I wouldn’t want to place any bets given the volatile nature of 2023’s weather. Anyway, let’s take a brief look at what’s coming up for the next few weeks.

Next week to 10 days

From Friday conditions are expected to turn much fresher with rain in the South West at first although turning dryer through the weekend. Perhaps showery. Frost possible in the north. Snow on Scottish highlands.

Longer Range?

Remaining unsettled initially with generally wetter than average conditions and some windy spells, perhaps turning to a more prolonged dry and settled periods towards the end of the October and into early November.

As for any operational announcements, the only one you can expect soon is for our slightly revamped advisory graphic, which will be uploaded here: snowwatch.org/advisoryhub/  soon. We’ll continue to update our status page with any trends in model output.

As always you can find us on Twitter and Facebook @snowwatchGB. We’re also on BlueSky, Threads and Instagram too but will probably be less active there unless something happens to Twitter.

Stay tuned for further updates!